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Computer and Internet security have advanced tremendously just like anything else in relation to our online and offline computer world these days. In parallel with this, the dark side of information technology world has advanced, too. As companies and individuals develop stronger ways of protecting our belongings and data every day, hackers and cyber criminals find new ways of going around those protective measures and technologies.


One thing that has been used as a crucial part of our security is password. Regardless of the new devices being used, passwords are here to stay for long time. Plus, as we use more of online services (including internal networks - Intranets), we're forced to create and use more passwords. Just start with Norton Account (if you're Norton software user), and continue with Facebook, Gmail and other Google services, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, your corporate VPN, other email services, Internet banking, your tax online, and who knows what else, and you may end up with bit of a headache. Some will ask why?


Well, if you go via easy route, you'll end up with using the same password everywhere. In addition, your password will probably be something simple. Furthermore, it may include some of your personal data like name, birthday, address, family member names, etc. Those are all "no, no" as passwords:

  • should be different for each or most of the services
  • should not incorporate any of your personal data
  • should be at least 8 characters long
  • should be complex which means using lower and upper letter case, numbers, and special characters

To make this job easier for you, we have a strong and complex password generator here. Your first password option is already below. If you don't like it for any reason, just press the button and see if you like a new one better.



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