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Questions and Answers about Norton AntiVirus

What is Norton AntiVirus?

Norton AntiVirus is software that provides prevention and removal of computer viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, and other malicious applications. It protects from bots and guards security holes in your operating system, applications, browsers and browser plug-ins. Norton AntiVirus protects from phishing, and it filters email spam. For more, check the features and benefits of Norton AntiVirus.

In which product form Norton AntiVirus is available?

Norton AntiVirus software is available as a download, boxed product (DVD), or as an OEM software product (to be installed on newly built computers only).

How much does Norton AntiVirus cost?

1 year subscription of Norton AntiVirus download version in United States is $39.99. For other countries please select by using a country selector at the top of this page. Always check for coupon and rebate offers.

Are there coupons and rebates available for Norton AntiVirus?

While coupons and rebates are not always available by a rule, Symantec releases them to their specially selected partners. Norton AntiVirus coupon and rebate are announced on the Coupons and Rebates page of this website.

For how long is the Norton AntiVirus subscription valid?

Norton AntiVirus subscription can be purchased for 1, 2, or 3 years (priced at $39.99, $74.99, $114.99 respectively). Each additional year carries an annual discount when compared to 1 year subscription period.

Where is the best to buy Norton AntiVirus from?

Considering a fact that there are unauthorized self proclaimed resellers of Norton AntiVirus who charge buyers but do not deliver valid subscription keys or send hacked or stolen activation codes, the best option is to buy it directly from Symantec at its Norton online store, or obtain a boxed version at a local retailer store like Wal-Mart, Staples, BestBuy, and so on.

Is Norton AntiVirus available for small business firms?

Yes, Norton AntiVirus is available as 5 and 10 user pack. It is called Multi-User pack and it can be purchased at Norton Online Store. Norton Multi-user packs offer a considerable discount when compared to single versions.

On how many computers I can install Norton AntiVirus?

1 year subscription in United States is good for 1 PC only. The options for multiple PCs are Multi-user packs, or products like Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 which offer a protection for up to 3 PCs for the price of a single subscription. For other countries please check the respective page of this website by using the menu in the top right corner of this page. In most of European market, Norton AntiVirus is good for up to 3 PCs.

Can I run Norton AntiVirus and other antivirus product at the same time?

While it may be possible to run Norton AntiVirus together with other antivirus products, it is not recommended to do so as two or more antivirus applications could interfere and cause many kinds of problems including false alerts or even to fail stopping a real malware application. The best is to run one copy of antivirus product at any given time.

Is there a way of getting Norton AntiVirus for free?

Norton AntiVirus is not available as a free product, but it can be downloaded as a 30-day Free Trial. The way how it works is that a user submits personal data including the payment information. Unless the Free Trial subscription is not cancelled within the first 30 days, the charge will occur automatically after the trial period.