Installing Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus Installation


Buying Norton AntiVirus isn’t enough to protect a machine from all the threats that are out there. To enjoy full protection, this program has to be properly installed on a machine and set up to provide constant monitoring over activities online and off.

Fortunately, installing Norton AntiVirus is a relatively easy process that anyone can easily follow.


Getting Started

The software can be obtained as a Norton AntiVirus download or as a boxed package from any of the retailer stores that cary Symantec's products.

Before starting the Norton AntiVirus installation process, it’s a good idea to take a few steps in advance. They are:

  • Close all programs – A proper installation of Norton AntiVirus will demand that all open programs on a computer be shut down and that a connection to the Internet is established.
  • Remove other antivirus programs – Even if they will no longer be used once Norton AntiVirus is installed on a machine, other antivirus products can cause conflicts with Norton’s operation. Clean them off a machine by clicking on the “start” button in Windows and going to “Control Panel.” From here, go to “Programs” and select the ones that need to be uninstalled.


How to Install the Program

Once other antivirus programs have been removed and all open programs have been shut down, it’s time to get Norton AntiVirus loaded on a machine. This involves a fairly simple multistep process.

Step 1 – This step varies based on the type of installation being used. Norton AntiVirus can be downloaded from a CD, the Internet or a USB drive. Here’s how to handle the first step based on the type of installation involved:

  • Direct download – This is the most common way of getting software like Norton AntiVirus these days. Users who buy this program online will simply need to download their copy and then double click the file that has been added to a machine to start the process.
  • CD/DVD – Simply put the CD in the drive. Windows XP and Vista users will be prompted to click “Install Norton AntiVirus.” They should do so. Windows 7 users will need to click “Launch Norton Install” and then click “Install Norton AntiVirus.”
  • USB – Just put the USB drive into the proper port to get the process going. Vista and XP users will be asked to click “Launch Norton Install” and then “Install Norton AntiVirus.” Windows 7 users will have a slightly different experience. They’ll need to click “Open Folder to view files.” They will then need to double click on the “Start.exe” folder and then click “Install Norton AntiVirus.”

Step 2 – At this point it is possible a user will be asked for the Product Key. This can be found in the original packaging. For download buyers, the key will be provided via email, after the purchase process.

Step 3 – Once the key is entered, users may be prompted to click on the “Install Options” link. At this point, they can review the options available to them and then click “OK” to proceed.

Step 4 – Before a final download will take place, users will be asked to read over the license agreement. They will also have to agree to the agreement to begin the installation process.



If the opening panel doesn’t appear for some reason, there are a few things users can do. This most commonly occurs with a CD installation. To work around this issue, just go to the computer’s desktop and click on “My Computer.” From here, click the icon for the CD drive. Then look at the list of files and double click on Start.exe and Install Norton AntiVirus.


Getting the Program Running

Once Norton AntiVirus is installed on a computer, it will provide constant protection. Users, however, may want to adjust settings or take steps to perform preventative maintenance. To do so, they’ll need to know how to open the main window for Norton Antivirus. There are two possible ways to do so:

  • Go to the Windows notification area or the desktop and click on the Norton AntiVirus icon.
  • Go into the Windows taskbar and click on Start – All Programs – Norton AntiVirus – Norton AntiVirus.

This will activate the user interface where Norton settings can be put into action. Users can also schedule scans, check for updates and more from this screen.


Activating Norton AntiVirus

In most cases, users will activate Norton AntiVirus during the installation process. If not, they can go back and do so. In fact, the program will send alerts to users until they activate the product. Failure to activate the program after a certain period of time can cause the software to stop working.

To activate from the product alert, do these things:

  • From the alert – Users who buy a subscription version just need to select “Activate Now.” Those who need to renew their subscriptions only need to select “Renew now.”
  • Just click OK for the desired function – renew or activate.
  • Once “OK” has been clicked, follow on-screen instructions and then click “Done.”

It is also possible for Norton AntiVirus users to renew or activate from the main window. They can do this by clicking on either the Activate Now or Renew buttons and following the instructions.


The Benefits of Creating a Norton Account

Norton AntiVirus users may also want to create a user account. This enables Norton to store Product Key and billing information for its customers. This can be done during the activation process or from the Norton Account web page. Having an account makes it easier to keep up with product keys, renewals and new purchases.


Installing Norton AntiVirus is a relatively easy process that will result in solid coverage for a PC. The process only takes a few moments and can provide the protection users need to breathe easier online and off.




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